Making refinancing convenient, cost effective, compliant and easier.

Sanderson Weir have designed ‘Switchme’ in response to the market needs for a streamlined, convenient and inexpensive way to refinance a mortgage from one lender to another.

Switchme enables the client to engage the services of Sanderson Weir either directly or, via an intermediary registered financial adviser, to assist in the refinance process by completing the paperwork, from documentation through to settlement, including the electronic registration of their new mortgage on the client's property.

Clients benefit from:

  • a refinancing guide that provides easy to understand information about having a mortgage and the rights of a lender;
  • the convenience of being able to sign the documentation with the financial adviser at a time that suits;
  • an easy to follow documentation pack with a checklist to assist the customer navigate the reading and signing process;
  • an easy to follow documentation pack with all the disclosure copies and easy to follow summary of the loan accounts specified in the Bank's documents; and
  • a cost effective and efficient service. 

Switchme:  Via a Registered Financial Adviser

Training and Accreditation

Every registered financial service provider wishing to offer their clients this service needs to be fully trained and accredited to be considered a ‘trusted source’ to Sanderson Weir.   Accreditation of a registered financial adviser can be obtained by reading our training materials and then completing a questionnaire.  Please email the Switchme Team and we will send out the information.

Once you are accredited we will rely on you to identify our mutual clients on our behalf by sighting and taking a copy of their original identification and supplementary identification documents.

Switchme:  Direct to the Client

Clients benefit from the convenience of being able to sign the documentation in their own home at their leisure, and without all parties to the loan having to take time out of their day to visit a solicitor in person.

Your identity will need to be verified by someone we consider to be a ‘trusted source’:

  • Justice of the Peace (JP);
  • Minister of Religion;
  • Police Officer;
  • Registered Medical Professional;
  • Solicitor;

To begin the accreditation process or for more information please contact us:

The Switchme team

Sanderson Weir Limited
Level 22, 120 Albert Street, Auckland 1010
PO Box 6078, Wellesley Street, Auckland 1141
Phone: 0800 80 79 48
Fax: +64 9 369 9025